June 6, 2022

250 elements

How do you measure a brand? There are so many elements which make up a brand. When we think of the big brands what are some of the elements which make it valuable and how would you score that brand?

We know brands like Apple & Google tick a lot of the boxes but what about the corner store or the chain of electrical goods stores in your city. As a business owner, how would you go about scoring and valuing your brand?

ooba has developed 250 core elements to help small business get traction with their marketing. Everything from the design of your logo through to how many posts your doing on your social media pages. Each element is rated, measured. We've also developed two peer type review systems to help your brand against what peers and your market might think. This scoring system is unique to ooba.

It helps small business make incremental changes to their score. It doesn't really matter if you reach 100/100, what's important is your are improving your brand over time.

It's about momentum forward. Sometimes a brand score can go backwards, usually this is when the business stops marketing and the elements of the brand score which are based on "action" decline. You might still have a great design and logo but your activity declines. This is the accountability aspect to ooba, where our tools help small businesses moving forwards

If a business isn't moving forward its dying

Try ooba tools today and get a sense of your brand score.

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